Devin Bourbonnais

Devin Bourbonnais, Bachelor's Degree in Management and Organizational Studies Specializing in Finance

Business Development Specialist


Devin is the newest addition to the Wyndham Group, having recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Prior to joining our team, Devin gained experience in big data and advanced analytics as an intern at one of the major banks.

Supporting the expertise of the more senior team members, Devin is responsible for modelling our tailored wealth plans, which provide clients with a flexible, goals based framework to meet their objectives. Alongside John, he also monitors the performance of our Wyndham portfolios and maintains the programming for our proprietary investment strategies.

Outside of work, Devin is a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist, with plans to move downtown to be closer to his friends and favourite music venues.”