Our Approach

“Discipline is the key to successful money management”

Willow Wealth Management’s investment approach takes into account each client’s unique aspirations, needs, expectations, risk tolerance, tax situation, corporate structure, succession plans and lifestyle goals. We adhere to a disciplined approach to managing money as we help clients avoid costly mistakes.

Market intelligence and expert advice are key. With current access to research from more than 350 correspondent analysts worldwide we have a finger on the pulse of world markets. This level of objective, comprehensive research - together with our local insight - is a strong formula for success.

We establish the optimal asset allocation and provide specific investment solutions. Willow Wealth Management understands that asset allocation is not a one-time exercise. We regularly revisit our asset allocation to address global investment trends and rebalance the portfolio based on changes in your goals, lifestyle, estate transfers, business succession and other considerations.

“We believe in delivering consistent value, irrespective of market conditions”

Willow Wealth Management brings to our clients loyalty, dedication, integrity, trust and knowledge. Our commitment is to provide a strategy to preserve and build your wealth. As a client, you can be assured that you have access to the full range of services our team has to offer.
Willow Wealth Management believes in achieving a balanced life, along with financial security. We share the same ambition, focus and dedication to work and we appreciate the value and importance of having our own strategic wealth plan.

“To understand, you need to be understood”

The Personal Vision Discussion

To understand, you need to be understood. This is the foundation of our first meeting. This discussion allows us to identify and understand the key motivations behind your financial goals. We devote a great deal of focus on recognizing the unique, personal, and sometimes intangible circumstances that so often shape your individual investment preferences.

Willow Wealth Management is selective in who they work with to ensure the best fit. After this first meeting, if the fit is right, we will dedicate our team to develop a strategy that will meet your needs. We understand how important it is to work with the right advisor and are therefore committed to ensuring you find the right team for you.

Behind The Scenes

Once we clearly understand what is important to you and what you are trying to accomplish, we start working on your Strategic Wealth Plan. We commit hours of work to reviewing your situation and narrowing the expansive field of investment options available. This enables us to present the most suitable solutions for your consideration. This stage is where our knowledge, years of experience, and judgment come into play.

Strategic Wealth Plan

Now it’s time to meet again to review the best possible choices/strategies available to help you achieve your goals. We will walk you through various scenarios and help you visualize the outcomes. We take into consideration the potential unplanned eventualities that most people don't consider. It is at this stage that we consider the ramifications of tax, inflation, wealth transfer, lifestyle choices, family and business needs. You will be enlightened and feel more in control of your future.

Set In Motion

It’s now time to implement the strategy and portfolio structure. We will establish a timeline of events to guide us through the various stages of implementation. This includes the portfolio make-up, opening of accounts, transferring assets, protecting interests , tax revisions, will and estate structures. This also involves utilizing with your permission your outside advisors for tax and legal issues.


As time passes, Willow Wealth Management is responsible for monitoring your holdings, asset mix, risk profile and performance. We expect our clients to advise us of changes in their circumstances that may impact their Strategic Wealth Plan, so we can work together to maximize results. We keep our clients informed through regular reporting, market updates, phone calls and face to face meetings. We will walk you through how to read your statements to ensure you understand and are on top of your financial picture. We also customize our method and frequency of communication for each client as we recognize that everyone has different expectations.

Annual Check Up

Although we constantly review, revise and rebalance, Willow Wealth Management finds it valuable to have an Annual check-up to ensure we are informed on your situation and any changes that may have taken place. We use this opportunity to review your Strategic Wealth Plan and ensure you are still on track for success. We will share with you a summary of the progress that has been made over the previous year and set an updated set of expectations for the years ahead. We are deeply committed to ensuring that you achieve your goals at every stage of life.