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Welcome to Raymond James Trust (Québec) Ltd.

Raymond James Trust (Québec) Ltd. reinforces the firm’s dedication to servicing the Québec marketplace, and underscores its strategic vision to be a valued partner in assisting clients and their loved ones with total wealth management solutions throughout their lives and beyond.

Raymond James is proud to be the first non-bank owned, full service investment dealer in Québec to add integrated succession/estates, agency account and mandate services.

Raymond James Trust (Québec) provides the following services:
  • Liquidator, mandatary and trustee support services: Have you been appointed as liquidator, mandatary or trustee and don’t know where to start? We can help you accomplish the tasks at hand by implementing your decisions with professionalism, skill and efficiency.
  • Agency account services: We can pay your bills, manage your property and accounts while you take care of more important things.
  • Act solely or jointly as your liquidator and/or mandatary for property/protection mandatary and trustee, by formal appointment in the governing document: We know that the responsibility is heavy and you may not want to burden loved ones with the obligation and personal risk. Or perhaps your loved ones live outside of Québec or Canada. Raymond James Trust (Québec) can administer your assets in accordance with your valid legal documents.
  • Client custodial services: A safe and secure option for the storage of securities and valuable personal property belonging to clients.

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