Steven Switzer

Portfolio Manager


As the founder and owner of Switzer Financial Services, I believe integrity and trust are of the utmost importance to maintaining each client relationship. By helping you to better understand market trends, with the retirement and planning tools we’ve developed, I am able to instill confidence in my employers -- you.  I am dedicated to assisting all of our clients achieve their financial goals through regular communication and education.

Working in Fort Saskatchewan for the last 8 years has improved who I am as a financial advisor and as a human being. When you come to our office, we do our best to make each client feel at home. Our honest and straightforward approach to each situation leaves our clients feeling relieved and well taken care of. We truly do care about each client because without you we have nothing.

If you’re reading this after being referred to me by a friend or family member, you should know that my mission statement is that you will always walk out feeling better than when you walked in.

When I am not in the office, I enjoy reading (mostly business and finance!) and spending time with my family. Golf is a chore but I love it. My family and I love to travel. I am incredibly proud and excited that my daughter starts university in the fall of 2016.

Steve is a member of the exclusive 2016 Raymond James Chairman’s Council.