Debra Hofs



I have lived in the Fort Saskatchewan area my whole life. I grew up spending countless hours at my parents auto-repair business. So, if you come here with a flat Steve won’t be the one fixing it - I will!

I have two wonderful children who I’ve watched grow into fine young adults. Family is a large part of my life and I also find that I am very busy spending time with Thierry and his son Charlie, camping and watching Charlie play competitive football.

Working at Switzer Financial has been an eye opening experience as I was previously a client before becoming a member of the team. Realizing the amount of time and effort that goes into planning, implementing and servicing our client households has truly been rewarding and educational for me. It’s given me a new perspective on what Steve has done for me personally and what we continue to achieve daily. As Amanda stated, the warm and friendly environment at the office is like no other work experience I’ve had.