Qualicum Beach Corner

Walking with our Community

Our team participated in the RJ 5K 4 Kids Walk/Run this past weekend in Vancouver.

It was a joy to reconnect with our partners and teammates all across the country.

Last year Raymond James Canada Foundation raised $295,000 for Drug Free Kids Canada!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this worthy cause.

Group Photo - RJ Cares

Take a look at these dedicated team members!

Even in 2022 the finance industry is still predominately male, yet the gender gap is narrowing year after year. And here at our Qualicum Beach office our gender ratio is 5 females to 1 male! Bonnie, Selene, Debbie, Gina, and of course my wife Shirley, thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are all an example for kids across the country showing that regardless of your sex or gender you can grow up being whatever you please.

Happy International Women’s Day from our team to yours.

onnie, Selene, Debbie, Gina, and Shirley of the Qualicum Beach office.

The Advantage Investor - Raymond James Ltd. Podcast

NEW: Russia/Ukraine Crisis – Where Do We Go from Here?
(March 1, 2022)

Chief Economist Scott Brown and Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills join the Advantaged Investor to discuss the Russia/Ukraine crisis and its impacts on the markets, global economy, asset classes, etc. Ed Mills also provides an overview of the Russian/Ukraine crisis, reviews recent developments, discusses potential scenarios he expects could play out in the coming weeks/months, as well as, other geopolitical events that are on his radar for the remainder of the year (e.g. China, US mid-terms, etc.).


Chief Economist Scott Brown and Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills join the Advantaged Investor to discuss the Russia/Ukraine crisis and its impacts on the markets, asset classes, etc. | Link

2022 Market Outlook
(January 26, 2022)

Head of Investment Strategy for Raymond James Ltd., Nadeem Kassam and Managing Director of Fixed Income Research for Raymond James Financial, Ellis Phifer join the Advantaged Investor to share their view of the current economic climate and provide their recommendations and outlook for fixed income and equity investors for 2022 and beyond.

Nadeem Kassam and Ellis Phifer discusses their outlook for markets in 2022 | Link

Russia, Covid and Inflation, Oh My!
(January 25, 2022)

Head of Investment Strategy, Nadeem Kassam joins the Advantaged Investor to discuss the recent spike in market volatility and shares his thoughts on how investors should position their portfolios to better navigate through the uncertainty (e.g., Russia/Ukraine standoff, the ongoing pandemic, elevated inflationary pressures, policy normalization, China, etc.).

Nadeem Kassam discusses the recent surge in market volatility | Link

Investment Strategy Webinar: Russia and Ukraine- On the Edge

Here is a recording of a special zoom webinar held on February 24, 2022, with Raymond James Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam, Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills, Director of Equity Portfolio & Technical Strategy Mike Gibbs, and Managing Director Equity Research Pavel Molchanov.

Webinar recording link:

Ten Themes for 2022 with Larry Adam

Here is a recording of a special zoom webinar held on January 20, 2022 with Raymond James Chief Investment Officer, Larry Adam.

This presentation details our ten themes for the next investing year, highlighting the key trends and opportunities we see.

What it means to be an Executor, Trustee or Power of Attorney - A three part educational series

Client Insights: Settling an Estate: The Role of the Executor

Client Insights: The Role Of the Executor

Client Insights: Incapacity: The Role of the Power of Attorney

Incapacity: The Role of the Power of Attorney

Client Insights: Trusts: Navigating your Trustee Duties and Responsibilities

Client Insights: The Role of the Trustee

Opportunities Amid Uncertainties with Raymond James Ltd.'s, Head of Investment Strategy, Nadeem Kassam

Here is a recording of a special zoom webinar held on October 21, 2021, with Raymond James Ltd.’s, Head of Investment Strategy, Nadeem Kassam.  Nadeem provided an overview of the market climate as we head into 2022. He also shared his outlook and insights on the investment themes shaping the landscape for investors

Opportunities Amid Uncertainties

Estate Planning: More Than Just a Will, with Senior Trust Advisors Paula Lester and Damian McGrath

If you were unable to attend our most recent Client Insights webinar, Estate Planning: More Than Just a Will, you will find a link to the recording below so that you can watch when you are able.

The webinar features two of our Raymond James senior trust advisors, Paula Lester and Damian McGrath. Paula and Damian tackled many important subjects for individuals and families to consider when forming their estate plans.

During the webinar you will hear:

  • Why estate planning goes beyond just having a will (which should be reviewed regularly and updated as needed)
  • The role of an executor is not only important, but complex and choosing your executor should be carefully considered
  • Incapacity planning should not be overlooked and the importance of having power of attorney for both your finances and health are critical
  • How to plan a legacy and charitable giving for your family

Paula and Damian also answered many common and important questions from viewers about estate planning. Please let me know if you have any questions related to your estate planning objectives or any other questions about effectively preserving and passing along your wealth according to your objectives.  And also feel free to share the link with anyone you feel could benefit from it.

Grateful Hearts SOS COVID-19 Campaign

Grateful Hearts

BC & Alberta Guide Dog

Guide Dog event

What a great time we had at our Qualicum Beach Downtown Trick or Treat.

people in halloween costumes

people in halloween costumes

little boy dressed up in suit with brief case and bottle

Compassion for Vets Event

Group of people in front of image of dog

Dog and couple of people

Our VICD (Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs) event raised over $5000 – the compassion dogs were the stars of the show!

Man(Stephen) in a wheelchair with dog(Sarge)

Dog named Trooper

A warm thank you to Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs for their presentation informing us of the exceptional work they do in training dogs and assisting veterans with PTSD. We are proud to be a sponsor of this worthy cause!

Visitor Centre's Map

David checks out the Qualicum Beach Visitor Centre's Map with the new addition of our Qualicum Beach branch

Stock Exchange

David & Shirley visit the New York Stock Exchange