Retire Faster

Is your mutual fund making you work 5 to 10 years longer than you need to?

Your mutual fund company could be making you retire 5 to 10 years later than you should. Mutual fund companies’ high fee rates eat into your portfolio growth, lengthening how long you must work before you can retire. By introducing portfolio based fixed fees and flexible investment choices like Exchange Traded Funds, you could be looking at an earlier retirement age.

The Right Plan For You

The strategy that’s right for you depends on where you are now, and where you need to head. Tom Popielarczyk will help you build a plan, execute moves, and make changes at each stage of your game when needed.

Greater Flexibility, Lesser Fees

Finding greater growth requires access to new vehicles like Exchange Traded Funds, individual stocks, Mortgage Investment Corporations and Real Estate Investment Trusts. You get access to all of this with fixed fee rates that can be less than half of what you currently pay.

Zero Conflict

Our fixed fees are based on your portfolio size and growth. Our team is compensated by the size and growth of your overall portfolio, not by which funds are in it. Our interests are aligned with yours – to grow your portfolio over time. 

Effect of Fee savings over time chart

This is a mathematical projection only. The client’s performance may differ from that of the model performance described due to timing of cash flows, etc., and the performance calculation of the model may be different than that of the index used as a reference point for comparison. Assumes a 7.5% long term average return before fees, and contributing $2k/monthly for 35 years.

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