Dan Washington

Financial Advisor


Dan Washington understands that serving clients’ financial and investment needs begins with building strong, lasting partnerships. He focuses on listening to each client because he believes everyone’s needs and financial goals for the future are unique. As a Financial Advisor for Raymond James located in Brooklin, Ontario, he puts his clients - and their needs - first.

Blending integrity, hard work and a willingness to listen to each client like he or she is the only investor in the world, Dan is dedicated to assisting his clients in meeting their financial needs. He uses a hands-on approach when working with clients, meeting with each of them on a regular basis to ensure that their investments remain suitable for their objectives throughout changing personal and market conditions.


Offering a wide range of investment services, Dan is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Specializing in wealth and risk management, he works with clients to identify insurance risks and design investment portfolios to meet their individual needs. Dan offers a comprehensive array of investment alternatives tailored to the needs of each individual investor. These alternatives include mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, stocks, and bonds. Whether you need to set some long term goals, build an investment plan or evaluate your financial risks, Dan will put you – and your needs – first. Dan is looking to work with clients that are able to invest $250K or more.


Before joining Raymond James as a Financial Advisor, Dan was active in the community, volunteering his time to assist people with their personal finances. He has run numerous small and large community sessions to assist people in building a behaviour-based approach to managing their money, covering topics like: savings, working with a partner or spouse, budgeting, paying off debt, insurance, and building retirement and education savings plans. He holds insurance and securities licenses.


Dan graduated from Kettering University formerly known as GMI Engineering and Management Institute in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He additionally completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Queens University in 1998.

Awards/Special Recognition

Dan is very proud to have been recognized with numerous awards. One that he is particularly proud is the Murray Leach Memorial Award given in high school and awarded on demonstration of a strong desire and willingness to help others.

Community Involvement

Dan takes pride in community involvement. He is a member of the Harvest Durham church where he leads periodic financial coaching sessions.

Originally from Whitby, Ontario, Dan currently resides in Brooklin, Ontario. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jill Washington, who is an Interior Designer. Jill and Dan have three children, Nathan, Rachel and Joel. When he is not working with clients, Dan enjoys physical fitness, mountain biking, fishing, and camping.

Team Members

Dan works on a team of Financial Advisors with over 100 years of experience in the financial industry.”