What Clients Say

"I have known Pam for more than six years and feel fortunate that she is my financial advisor. I am thankful that both my husband and I had a chance to work with Pam while he was part of this process. I find it reassuring that he also approved of how she helped us with our finances. Pam is a good listener which is important to me. I value her advice and her patience in explaining things. She is insightful, kind and we share a sense of humour. I feel at ease knowing that Pam will always look out for my best interests."


"I have been a client of Pam’s for over 7 years and would highly recommend her as a financial advisor. She is professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. I sincerely believe she has my best interests at heart. We have considered a wide variety of investment and insurance options as we have worked together. As we have added to our portfolios, Pam has adjusted the types of investments and fee structures accordingly. We also have a financial plan in place that we review on an annual basis. This is helpful as we work toward our retirement goals. I have every confidence Pam is managing our investments wisely, and providing us with excellent advice."

Debra Nawosad, CPA, CA
Regional Finance Director
HCP Social Infrastructure (Canada)

"My wife and I moved to Vancouver Island a few years ago. At the time we were dealing with one of the large Canadian banks where Pam worked for several years, so we met her when our wealth account was transferred to her. At that time we had some of our investments with another advisor in Ontario as well. Since then, we have consolidated all our investments with Pam and followed her to Raymond James. She has used various tools available to her including incorporating our segregated funds, more diversification, and risk reduction to manage our investments. She has also contacted specialists in her organizations to provide specific advice about our investments, and insurance as well creating a detailed financial plan. She has worked with us and used that plan to help guide some of decisions like whether to pay off mortgage debt, when to take CPP payments, etc. Our financial plan has evolved a couple of times as things change and the world tosses a few lemons. We appreciate being able to work with Pam as our retirement continues to unfold. She also hosts a number of special events that we enjoy attending."


Pam has been my Financial Advisor for the last twelve years and from day one, I felt that I could trust Pam to carefully look after my portfolio. Later when I sold my house, Pam also helped me set up a reliable, risk appropriate income stream which I continue to benefit from today. Being an older senior citizen, it is very comforting to know that you have a stable income. Over the years Pam has offered a number of seminars on investments, house sales, wills, etc. which have been very informative and useful. Pam also sends out information on general market conditions to keep her clients informed. One particular aspect I appreciate about Pam’s service is that she lets me know when an investment is coming due, and is always looking for something to replace that and doesn’t just leave it to 24 hours in advance as some financial institutions seem to do. I have also recommended Pam to members of my family and now they also use her services. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone as a financial advisor.

Chuck G.