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Decades of experience has helped us realize that not everyone starts their quest for financial independence at the same time. Some may already be on the path, but run up against frustration, fear or indifference as competing demands for their time and attention drain energy and enthusiasm. Some are just taking the first steps to initiate a career or a family while others will soon be harvesting cash flow from their financial assets. Others are well into their retirement and many are hoping to gift their assets into the hands of family or charities.

No matter where you are on this long term continuum, our service helps sharpen your focus, strengthen your progress and realize your success... all benefits that are summarized by our code: “Appreciating Your Worth”.

Starting Point

Portfolio Fortification™

In a vast majority of our clients’ situations, financial assets will replace employment as the primary source of lifestyle cash flow. For this reason, strong investment management is critically important.

Our “Portfolio Fortification” investment management process is based upon the premise that well protected capital achieves growth with greater ease. A great deal of conventional investment strategy allows investments to fluctuate with insufficient concern for the impact of market declines. Based upon the techniques of some of North America’s most successful pension and endowment fund managers, Portfolio Fortification suggests, instead, that good defence really is the best offence.

The Portfolio Fortification process for Investment Management

Portfolio Fortificaations