7 Problems We Solve For Clients

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    Organizing their financial lives
    Our clients live incredibly busy lives.  We play the role of “personal CFO” using the most effective and efficient strategies possible so our clients are confident their financial goals are on track. Our clients can then concentrate their time and energy on other things like their family, career, hobbies or just plain relaxing!


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    Maximizing the tax benefits of corporations to their full potential
    Incorporation has a number of significant advantages. Unfortunately, due to lack of good advice or time, too many people are not utilizing their corporations to anywhere near their potential. With the help of our in-house financial planners, we create effective strategies and solutions that other financial professionals may have missed.


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    Superior investment advice tailored to their needs and risk tolerance
    As one of only 130 CIMAs (Certified Investment Management Analyst) in Canada, I am uniquely skilled to provide my clients with the best investment advice for their needs and goals.  Through ongoing conversations and real life examples, we endeavour to completely understand our clients’ tolerance of investment risk. Once this is determined, we use our unique skill set to create a portfolio that maximizes portfolio returns while minimizing potential losses.


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    Protecting our clients and their families from catastrophic life events
    Unfortunately, life can be very unpredictable and tragic events can and often do occur. Our financial planners and insurance experts analyze our clients’ life situations to provide recommendations to protect them against these often life-altering events.


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    Helping clients ensure they will achieve their financial goals
    We all have goals and dreams but we often don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to know what is needed to achieve them. The first thing my team and I do is uncover our clients’ personal and financial goals. Following that, we design a detailed and achievable plan to make them a reality. After the plan has been designed, we keep clients up to date on their progress, and adapt the plan as their life and goals evolve.


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    Finding ways to save tax and maximize after-tax cash flow
    From CPP and OAS to TFSAs and RRSPs, Canadian have numerous plans and strategies they can take advantage of. Unfortunately, many people either don’t take advantage of them at all or use them at the wrong time or to the wrong extent. Part of our service offering is to give guidance in these areas to ensure our clients get the most out of each opportunity in order to best meet their life goals.


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    Reducing the financial stress in their lives
    With such busy lives, the last thing our clients need is to be worried about whether they are missing out on a strategy that could cost them money. Because of this, one of our top of goals is to  give them financial peace of mind so they can concentrate on their family and personal goals.