Private Client Services

It is not possible to become a great player without having learned how to analyze deeply and accurately.

~ Mark Dvoretsky (world-renowned chess trainer and International Chess Master)

Wealth Management Review 
Our wealth management review is a process that helps you understand your wealth management options.

  • Review of Net Worth Statement
  • Create a personalized Portfolio Model
  • Compare current investment portfolio to your Portfolio Model
  • Make recommendations for investment options to consider

We provide the information you need to help you determine the right investment strategy for your needs. While full disclosure of personal data is important on your part, disclosure of all costs and benefits is also essential on our part.

Annual Portfolio Review 
The annual portfolio review is our level one commitment to clients, and allows us to evaluate your portfolio against market performance each year. We connect with you at least once per year, to answer questions; update you on market changes while providing perspective; evaluate personal changes and update our records; make key adjustments to your portfolio; and reassess future needs for you and your family. We do our best to accommodate your schedule during the business day and can arrange either a one-on-one meeting, a discussion over the phone, Skype, or through e-mail.

Family Security Review
Our family security review is designed to assist in evaluating if you and your family are adequately insured for today and for the future. Changing debt levels, income, and annual expenses all impact our security needs. Just as our investments need to be reviewed and adjusted periodically, so does our insurance strategy.

Educational Review
Our educational review assists in calculating if clients are on track to meet the educational costs required when their children are ready to attend college or university. Whatever the current ages of your children, we can run accurate projections based on full or partial support, a part-time or full-time program, on-campus residence or living at home. Each of these variables can impact financial commitment. In addition, we can compare RESP versus in-trust education savings options.

Retirement Reality Check
Our specially designed retirement reality check is for clients who are thinking about their future retirement goals. This is a valuable exercise that can assist in making necessary adjustments to savings and investment strategies well in advance of impending retirement. This is not a static exercise and we suggest revisiting this process every five years to help ensure that our clients remain on track.

Work Transition Review
Our work transition review is for clients who have been unexpectedly laid off before full retirement. This is a comprehensive report that encompasses an assessment of retirement asset growth; retirement income stream projection; pension and investment account management options; and income transition strategies. In addition, we work closely with human resource consultants and placement service companies to ensure our work transition clients have access to the best opportunities for re-hire.

CPP Withdraw Optimization 
Not sure when to start withdrawing CPP benefits? We assist clients in reviewing the options so they can maximize their lifetime benefits.

Retirement Income Stream Analysis
Our retirement income stream analysis can accurately estimate retirement income streams from various sources. For those clients who are retiring, this process provides reassurance that their income streams will be adequate and strong going forward. With each of our retirement portfolios, we work to include a component of income that is secured and guaranteed; this helps to ensure our clients' golden years are just that - golden.

Legacy Review
If a client’s goal is to make a difference, before or after estate, we can work with them to explore the various ways they can maximize the impact of their legacy to the charities of their choice.

Estate Maximization Review
Our estate planning review works to estimate estate tax liability and explore various options to maximize estate to our client’s family while minimizing the tax liability. By exploring the options available early enough, we can customize a strategy that is designed to achieve the optimum balance for for the long term benefit of the client’s family. In some cases, we will need to work hand in hand with their professional advisor team (i.e., chartered accountant, estate or corporate lawyer). We take the lead during this process to ensure that all are working to provide the legal and accounting information needed to determine the best strategy for their estate plan.