Corporate Services

Analysis is a glittering opportunity for training: it is just here that capacity for work, perseverance and stamina are cultivated, and these qualities are, in truth, as necessary to a chess player as a marathon runner.

~ Lev Polugaevsky (International Grandmaster of chess)

Corporate Owner or Executive Wealth Review 
Our Corporate Owner/Executive Wealth Review is an evaluation tool designed specifically for our corporate owners and corporate executives to help grow, preserve and enjoy their wealth! Working with their additional team of advisors and professionals, we provide financial advice that evaluates client’s current wealth status and positions them well into the future, achieving maximum tax and cost efficiency.

Corporate Owner Compensation Review 
Salary, dividends, paying family members…it can become confusing determining client’s optimum income strategy. Together with client’s accountant, we show the options to minimize taxes and maximize future benefits.

Corporate Owner Trust Review 
Chances are that successful corporate owners don’t need an inheritance. But, should our client’s parents wish to leave them with a legacy, we can help our clients guide them in how best to structure so that they can build on that tax efficient strategy and enable them to gain additional wealth out of their corporation tax efficiently.

Corporate Succession Plan Review 
Our corporate succession plan review assists corporate owners in maximizing corporate profitability while protecting business wealth around the sale or transfer of ownership of the business. There are some fundamental questions that need to be explored in this process to ensure their plan achieves all of its objectives. Working with a team of advisors, we walk them through an intensive, yet important, process that explores all of the corporate succession plan options.