Trixie Rowein

Portfolio Manager


Trixie knew early on in her career that her purpose was to help individuals achieve personal and professional financial security. Growing up in an immigrant household, she saw first-hand what hard work, planning and regular savings can accomplish over time. As a child, she remembers hearing stories of how both her grandmothers were widowed at young ages and how they persevered and overcame challenges with limited resources. Hearing those stories and seeing her own family’s struggles taught her to be fiscally responsible at a young age, which led to her career in financial services. 

Trixie graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business, with distinction, in 1998 and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in Finance and International Business. She started her career as an investment advisor in 2000 when she joined Goepel McDermid, which became Raymond James Ltd. In 2006, she earned the internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and, in 2008, earned the Financial Management Advisor (FMA) designation. Always seeking to improve her skill set, she earned the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation in 2012 and began offering clients discretionary investment management that same year.

In addition to the traditional areas of financial and retirement planning, wealth management, and estate planning, Trixie encourages her clients to call her when they face any large financial decision or material change – whether they are buying or selling a business or property; settling a family estate; or getting married or divorced. Trixie is known for helping clients evaluate their options and direct them to other professionals or experts if necessary. This allows clients to spend less time worrying about their decisions or life changes and spend more time on what is important to them.

Money and investing are not gender specific; however, the realities of financial planning are. For example, according to Statistics Canada, women outlive men by an average of seven years; also as a result of less time in the work force as they raise children, women receive less Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits on average than men. Women especially can benefit tremendously from investing and financial planning and, since 2007, Trixie has been conducting her team’s popular annual Women’s Only educational seminars. In addition to regularly presenting at educational seminars she organizes, Trixie has also been a guest presenter for the Caring that Counts conference for child development dayhome operators and the Equinox Retreat for CUPW Edmonton Local Women’s group.

Trixie is passionate about education and helping children grow and develop. She has been coaching girls’ community soccer since 2013, has been a regular volunteer at her girls’ schools, and an annual sponsor of Little Warriors luncheon, which raises money for the treatment, prevention and awareness of child sexual abuse. Trixie has two young daughters, Roxana and Calixa and several nieces. Outside her career, Trixie enjoys travelling, gardening, scrapbooking, reading books on personal development, and spending time with her family. She is fluent in Spanish and travels every few years to visit relatives in Chile.