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Team RJ has landed in India!

The team of six RJ employees arrived in Belgaum, all via different routes; Mike and Kate, Jen and Clark - Vancouver thru Beijing to Mumbai and Sue, Warren and Diane - Toronto via London to Mumbai. They are preparing to start their mission of handing out 3,000 bed kits to children in need from January 29 - 31, 2016. Six people from Raymond James Ltd., along with some family members, including our President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Allison and his wife, Rose, travelled to Belgaum to make a difference in 3,000 children's lives. Belgaum is officially known as Belagavi and has a population of about 600,000.

Team India is going to distribute bed kits to children in need with the charity organization Sleeping Children around the World. SCAW is a charity that gives 100% of donations received to those in need. Our team will photograph children with their bed kits, write articles for the SCAW donor newsletter, as well as send daily updates to Raymond James colleagues through Corporate Communications. Why is Team RJ so special? They raise the entire amount for the 3,000 bed kits.

Warren Wagstaff says, "Many children around the world sleep on the ground or in uncomfortable conditions every night, waking each morning tired, cold, and weary. SCAW is making a difference by distributing bed kits. Each bed kit provides a comfortable sleeping mat and can help protect the child from sickness. A good night's sleep helps the children to be ready for the school day ahead, allowing them to absorb the lessons of the day and through education, help break the cycle of poverty. A bed kit is an amazing gift!"

A single bed kit costs $35.00. The bed kits our team is handing out include: plastic ground mat, a Chadar (wool carpet), Sataranji (wool under blanket), blanket, pillow, pillow cover, mosquito net, polo shirt, sweater, t-shirt with collar, shorts, petticoat, frock, Churidar (3 piece dress), flip flops, raincoat, nail clippers, packing bag, school bag, school supplies (pens, pencils, crayons, sharpener, notebooks, eraser, geometry set). No portion of a bed kit donation is spent on administration. 100% reaches a needy child. The bed kits reach children between the ages of six and 12. All items in the bed kits that our colleagues will be distributing have been sourced in India, in order to support local industries.

Warren Wagstaff, Financial Advisor

Back row, left to right: Kate Holmes (Mike Holmes wife), Jennifer Gibson, Branch Administrator, Vancouver, Warren Wagstaff, Financial Advisor,
Front row, Left to right: Mike Holmes, Senior Vice President, Operations, Clark Linton, Portfolio Manager, and Diane Groot, Manager, Corporate Facilities & Sustainability

Back row, left to right: Kate Holmes (Mike Holmes wife), SCAW Representative
Middle Row, left to right: Clark Linton, Portfolio Manager, Mike Holmes, Senior Vice President, Operations, Jennifer Gibson, Branch Administrator, Vancouver, Diane Groot, Manager, Corporate Facilities & Sustainability
Front row: Warren Wagstaff, Financial Advisor

Jennifer Gibson, Branch Administrator, Vancouver gave her first update and said, "Team RJ had a spiritual day as we discovered Belgaum. Our guide, Dillop, took us around town to experience the city and we were the only foreigners in sight.

We stopped at 2 different ashrams (spiritual hermitages or monasteries in Hinduism). The first was being restored to its historical beauty, and was where great minds used to meet. The second ashram was a beautiful, majestic, quiet, spiritual, pink palace where monks live and people pray. We had the honor of meeting with one of the monks. Next, we visited a thousand year old temple.

Finally, we visited the two factories that produced the children's clothing we are including in the 3,500 bed kits we will be distributing, starting tomorrow. It is impressive to see how much our purchases contribute to the local economy. The factories employ over 20 workers. In the sweater factory an employee will work nine-to-five for $4.00 day. The owners of these factories sell the garments at cost to Sleeping Children around the World".

Get updates about Team RJ here and through the SCAW Live Reports Blog.

Since 1970, when it was founded by Murray and Margaret Dryden, SCAW has raised over $23 million to provide bed kits for children in 33 countries. In 2009, SCAW reached its millionth child.

For more information, you can contact SCAW by phone, by letter, or by e-mail.

For more information about SCAW and their unique charity that helps deserving children click here.