The Dead Sea

Dominique Vincent

“We specialize in providing personalized financial advice to families at each step of the life cycle.”

–Dominique Vincent, MBA, CIM, Vice President and Portfolio Manager

When turning to a wealth professional for advice, the biggest challenge can be finding answers that are personally relevant. Beyond market expertise and sound investment principles, you deserve a clear and understandable path – a path that respects the elements that are non-negotiable in your life.

Your time is valuable – You have both professional and family obligations. Time is of the essence and you need to be able to rely on a team who will keep track of the investment decisions that need to be made.

Looking after your family - Your family has its own unique dynamics. From helping the next generation get started to the ultimate transfer of assets, we understand that life objectives as well as the notion of risk vary from one family member to another. In addition to managing your financial assets, we can pinpoint the issues that require your attention.

Life cycle - We are all at a different stage in life. Are you about to buy your first home? As a business owner, do you have an exit strategy? Are you ready for retirement? Is your family protected? At Raymond James, you have access to a multi-disciplinary team to explore all these vital issues with you.