Your Cross-Border Experts

3D Financial Solutions, of Raymond James Ltd. Is a wealth management team that specializes in catering to the specific needs of private corporation owners, senior executives, retirees and cross border clients.

A change in residency between Canada and the US is a complex process and requires the understanding of financial and fiscal laws in different jurisdictions and how they interact. We are dedicated to easing the process for our cross-border clients by addressing the laws and providing you with the right resources that cater to your specific cross border needs. Whether you’re a Canadian moving to the US, an American moving to Canada, an employee having work on both sides of the border or a snowbird, our cross-border experts hold both US and Canadian licenses, ensuring that your financial plan is built uniquely to maximize your revenue and ease your transition. We understand that serving clients’ financial and investment needs begins with building strong, lasting partnerships. We focus on listening to each client because we believe everyone’s needs and financial goals are unique. As Portfolio Managers, we pride ourselves on meeting your goals and giving you peace of mind.