Bowes Wealth Management

We provide clients with peace of mind by effectively managing their financial affairs

Our clients are busy people. They often face complex issues such as cross border regulations and other challenges related to the work they do. We work with many people in the entertainment sector who have corporations and need specific investment advice related to their business. You work hard and are good at what you do.  You want and expect the same from your financial advisor.

You want someone who knows what they are doing, and who has access to the best investment products available, both in Canada and outside Canada. As a Portfolio Manager and Chartered Investment Manager, I have achieved a very senior level of both education and experience. Only a select few in our industry are able to call themselves portfolio managers. Education and experience makes a difference. As a trained accountant (CPA CMA), I also understand the risks in investing and can evaluate companies to invest in. I also understand the importance of tax efficient investing. If you lose money in taxes, your overall return is reduced significantly over time.

You want someone who communicates in clear language and on a regular basis. Our clients get quarterly updates in plain language, not just generic statements. We also meet at least annually to ensure your retirement and other financial projections are current and on track to meet financial goals. We encourage our clients to set goals and we help you track them.  I am proud of the trust clients have placed in me over the past 25 years. Call me or send me an email and I will show you how my team and I can help you.