Betty Tomsett

I am your guide through the investment process, creating strategies and an approach best suited to your needs. My client centric practice, offering professional advice and investment expertise, has been well groomed throughout my 20-plus years in the investment industry. Attending the University of Toronto, and my previous extensive role in commercial banking at a Schedule A bank, paved the way for my career today. With prior years at independent and bank-owned investment firms, my practise projects an independent, entrepreneurial spirit within the framework of a strong business environment.

We provide extensive financial services to our clients at all stages of their lives, including portfolio investment management, tax and estate planning, individual pension plans, alternative income products, insurance products, retirement projections and much more.

Lisa Sansone

Lisa Sansone has worked alongside me as my administrative assistant since transitioning from a New Accounts position in July 2015. She brings 22 years of experience in the financial industry in operational and administrative roles, so she is accustomed to navigating the paperwork and procedures of the back office. Lisa’s forte is taking care of all the administrative details, allowing me to focus my attention on our clients’ wealth management needs.

Betty Tomsett
Betty Tomsett

Wealth Advisor


Lisa Sansone
Lisa Sansone



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