Imagine the following ... a group of skilled musicians with different instruments who casually know each other, arrive to play for an audience, but with no sheet music and no conductor. The result: sound - not music.

Now imagine the same musicians who have worked with each other for several years, playing from the same sheet music and led by a skilled conductor. The result, when blended together, an exquisite symphony of sound.

When it comes to managing their financial affairs, many Canadians do so in a manner similar to the first scenario. They have many different professionals (their accountant, financial advisor, lawyer, etc.) each doing their own thing. However they lack the “conductor” who is well versed in the client’s total overall situation.

Danny Liberatore and his team at The Wealth Enrichment Financial Group of Raymond James, along with the independent accounting firm of Formusa Zuccaro LLP, deliver wealth management symphonic style. You are the audience which will benefit from a well orchestrated wealth management approach.

The result is a new level of empowerment to lead fuller, more meaningful lives knowing that there is a well thought out action plan in place to deal with any contingency.

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