Shiraz Ahmed, Financial Advisor, Raymond James
Shiraz Ahmed
Financial Advisor
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40 King Street W
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Sartorial Wealth's Mission

sar·to·ri·al” – adj. from Late Latin sartor (cf. French sartre "tailor"), literally "patcher”, “mender."

My mission is to tailor the right investments to ‘fit’ your needs.

What do I do?

I help you become a more successful investor. As a Financial Advisor specializing in behavioural investment counseling, I help investors to be emotionally disciplined to make better decisions. Together we focus on behaviours and strategies that adhere to three time-tested principles: Faith, Patience, and Discipline

Who do I do it for?

I help bring wisdom and tailored Delta Management™ strategies to professionals who are experiencing rapid positive change in their career trajectory or their business.

Why does it matter?

Helping to focus on the right behaviours and avoiding the most common mistakes enables our clients to retire sooner and on their own terms.

Our Team

Shiraz and his support team are committed to professional development and teamwork. We participate in numerous forms of continuing education programs throughout the year to further our ability to serve our clients.

Shiraz Ahmed – Financial Advisor

Shiraz’s 12 years of experience on Bay Street distinguishes him among many other financial services experts. Shiraz has spent years honing his skills with leading banks and asset management firms in Canada, working domestically and abroad. Having engaged with more than 1500 Financial Advisors over his career, he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Shiraz’s behavioural based approach to investing coupled with his unique economic perspective has made him a sought after advisor for many affluent investors, such as a member of the Qatari Ruling family. Shiraz moved his practice and joined Raymond James in 2014.

The Bespoke Process

At Sartorial Wealth, we serve our clients with a consultative, team-based approach that examines all aspects of their financial lives. Using our Bespoke Process, we tailor make all solutions to ‘custom fit’ each client’s unique needs, as no two clients’ situations are the same.

We engage with our clients similarly to how a high end custom tailor would...

What's the Occasion

  • What does my current situation look like today?
  • Where am I going? Where would I like to go?
Take your Measurements & Create your Custom Pattern
  • Based on your situation today, future financial requirements and risk tolerance, we build strategies to help you achieve your goals
Get Dressed
  • Use the appropriate tools to implement your financial plan
Delta Management™
  • Delta Management™ is all about managing a period of rapid and positive change. For example: becoming an executive at your company, completing your residency, or a successful product launch in your company.
Keep our Promises
  • Annual review meetings to help you stay on track. Review if your current situation and future goals have changed and adjust financial plan accordingly
  • Accountability is paramount in our practice, and following through with our promises is a key part of the overall process.

Our Process