A personalized approach to your financial goals

Patti B. Dolan, CFP®, CIWM,
Portfolio Manager

As an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor I value the relationship with my clients. By operating within each client's risk profile and keeping your investment objectives in mind, a diversified investment strategy is designed which will achieve stable growth without taking unnecessary risks. I want to make sure my clients can sleep at night.

An area that I specialize in is Responsible Investing (RI) and have done so since 1995. RI is a screening process that focuses on environment, sustainability and governance. Individuals, businesses and organizations are aligning their personal values with their investment values. I analyse an investment with conventional methods, financial, technical and the overall economy, but then examine further how a company works within their community, impacts the environment and how they govern themselves and treat their employees. I utilize professionals who will engage with companies in improving their efforts in the ESG areas of their business.