Portfolio Manager

The distinguished Portfolio Manager designation at Raymond James is reserved only for those advisors who have attained the highest professional standards of training and experience in the financial industry.

Our registered Portfolio Managers have the expertise and training to track your investments and provide the personalized advice, guidance and reporting that you deserve in order to achieve your financial goals.

You have an accountant for taxes and a lawyer for legal matters. Doesn’t it make sense to also have a professional Portfolio Manager to bring a consistent, logical and disciplined approach to the management of your investments?

Clients who benefit most from a discretionary portfolio management approach to their investments are typically individuals who realize their investments are too important to be a part-time consideration.

You may be:

  • A successful manager or senior executive
  • A busy professional
  • A business owner
  • Retired, or
  • A recent estate beneficiary

In today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced financial markets, you know that managing a large investment portfolio can be a challenging full time job.

Our Private Investment Management service offers you professional expertise and peace of mind so you can devote your time to the other important things in your life.