About John Gowans

Mission Statement

To provide the highest standard of financial advice and service on Vancouver Island.

Since 1985, I have worked hard to live up to my core mission statement helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Core Values

I place a high value on ETHICS. At the heart of all I do, I place honesty first, and I work with my clients with an open mind and a "client first" attitude.

I place a high value on INTEGRITY. Since the start of my business career, my clients  understand that my word is my bond. I also place a high value on TRUST. Over the many years of building a successful practice, trust has been a guiding principle I live by. I believe trust is earned and I work hard to ensure it is never taken for granted.

ETHICS * INTEGRITY * TRUST. These are my core values I commit to as I work to fulfill my Mission Statement.


I graduated from UVIC in 1973 and worked in banking and trust companies until joining the investment brokerage community in 1985, where I have since served as an investment advisor.

Married to Carol for 43 years, we have three grown children and four grandchildren.

My outside community service involves regularly serving the homeless through a variety of community based organizations, as well as participating in community projects to enhance city parks and beaches.

I am proud to say Victoria has been my home  for 50 years, and that I have enabled clients to achieve their personal goals for over 32 years. It has been my distinct pleasure to see clients go into a successful retirement, have children graduate from post secondary school and go on to careers and start families of their own. Having client relationships that include parents, children and grandchildren is indeed a high honour.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your financial goals.

John Gowans
John Gowans

Financial Advisor


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