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Equity Capital Markets

Conferences & Events

Raymond James hosts several conferences throughout the year, as part of our ongoing effort to provide the most direct and insightful investment information for the full spectrum of our clients. Raymond James clients are invited to contact their representative for information on how to register for any of the following conferences.

Upcoming Conferences & Events Recent Conferences & Events

35th Annual Institutional Investors Conference

March 2 - 5, 2014 - Orlando, Florida

The Raymond James Institutional Investors Conference - one of the largest, most broadly focused and enduring conferences of its kind - provides an annual forum for portfolio managers and generalists to learn about sound investment opportunities from a wide range of companies across the nine industries covered by Raymond James:



Financial Services



Mining & Natural Resources

Real Estate

Technology & Communications


Our 2013 conference attracted approximately 1,900 attendees, including representatives from more than 300 institutional investment management firms across North America and Europe, as well as key industry leaders and members of the media.

For 2014 we anticipate an even more dynamic event as the success and reputation of our conference continue to grow. The three-day schedule features presentations by the senior management teams of approximately 300 companies, and should provide conference attendees ample opportunity to gain deep investment insight into both these presenting companies and the industry sectors in which they operate.

Please contact your Raymond James representative for more information.

Webcast – 35th Annual Institutional Conference

Grain Transportation Forum

December 10, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario

Raymond James hosted a breakfast discussion on: Canada's Record Grain Crop: Logistical Challenges & Opportunities. Participant companies:

  • Canadian Pacific Railway - Stephen Whitney, VP Marketing Bulk
  • Canadian Wheat Board - Bruce Burnett, Weather and Crop Specialist
  • Quorum Corporation - Mark Hemmes, President

Systems, Semiconductors, Software & Supply Chain Conference

December 9 – 10, 2013 - New York, New York

The forces impacting technology spending are changing. Mobility, Big Data and Cloud Computing themes transcend the entire IT landscape and are having major impacts on devices, infrastructure and traditional business models. To better assess how these trends will affect the industry, Raymond James held its Systems, Semiconductors, Software & Supply Chain Conference. This two-day forum was an excellent way to get a broad perspective on factors influencing IT investment, as investors met with senior executives of approximately 40 companies across the entire tech ecosystem.

Global Airline/Transportation Conference

November 6-7, 2013 - New York, New York

The Raymond James Global Airline/Transportation Conference provided an opportunity to gain insight into the latest trends and challenges facing the industry as we head into a new year. Senior executives from more than 40 companies participated in presentations and 1:1 meetings. The second day focused on legacy, low-cost, hybrid and regional airlines from the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Canada and will be the 21st annual gathering of this group.

9th Annual European Investors North American Equities Conference

September 10, 2013 - London, England

This year's event was be held at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. Our conference featured companies from a variety of industries and provided an ideal forum for portfolio managers and analysts to gain insight into a company's financial results, growth objectives, business strategy and competitive economic positioning. This conference also provided ample opportunity for our clients to interact with senior management teams one-on-one and in breakout sessions.

Raymond James Stampede One-on-One Energy Conference

July 8 – 10, 2013 - Calgary, Alberta

This year's event kicked off with dinner at Cilantro with corporate management on the evening of July 8. A keynote breakfast with Raymond James & Associates' J. Marshall Adkins, Director of Energy Research, opened the second day followed by 1-on-1 meetings with senior executives of energy companies, then dinner and a genuine Stampede "Cowboys" experience in the evening. A field tour near Fort Saskatchewan on the third day wrapped up the event. More than 150 1-on-1 meetings were booked between clients and companies over the duration of the event.

Raymond James Tour of GTA Real Estate Development

April 10, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario

With acquisition cap rates seemingly plumbing new lows daily, real estate companies have moved out the risk curve at increasing rates to improve returns via development. The tour attracted over 35 attendees and covered a total of 6 properties, each developed by one of Oxford Properties, Allied Properties, Tridel, RioCan, and Calloway.

Methanol Forum

March 25, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario

This year's theme for Raymond James' Methanol Forum was "Methanol Market Outlook: Innovation, Growth & New Frontiers", where we hosted 3 companies and 30 institutional clients. Attendees had the opportunity to attend presentations with a panel of keynote speakers and attend 1-on-1 meetings.