Gerry Bate, Financial Advisor

Gerry Bate, CPA, CGA.
Finanical Advisor

Kelly Lindsey

Kelly Lindsey, CFP, FCSI, FMA
Financial Advisor

Ian Rutherford

Ian Rutherford, BA, BSc, FCSI, CIM
Financial Advisor

Ashley Hilton

Ashley Hilton

Client Administrative Assistant

498 Ellis Street
Suite 100
Penticton, BC
V2A 4M2
Phone: 250-487-2000

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About the Bate Lindsey Rutherford Wealth Management Group

The Bate Lindsey Rutherford Wealth Management Group is a professional financial advisory group committed to providing our clients with sophisticated wealth management strategies and efficient wealth creation. Clients deserve to work with advisors who fully understand their financial affairs and can create an integrated financial plan for them.

We further believe that there are better ways to build portfolios in today’s ever changing financial environment. If you stay exposed to the ebb and flow of the markets and simply rely on the price appreciation of your investments, then you've chosen to ride the roller coaster of volatility. We have found that by employing the world’s leading institutional quality money managers through the Raymond James Private Client Services group we can focus on cash flow, reducing volatility and effectively build our clients' wealth regardless of the current market cycle.

About Gerry Bate, CPA, CGA.

Gerry is a Certified General Accountant (CPA), and has held the position of Chief Financial Officer for three prestigious Vancouver - based international investment and finance companies prior to joining Raymond James Ltd. Gerry brings to the table extensive financial management and tax experience that he’s gained over his career. Gerry’s investment strategies have a proven track record and encompass a highly personalized approach to long-term financial management and diversified portfolio planning..

About Kelly Lindsey CFP, FCSI, FMA

Kelly is a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience. She is at the stage in her career where she not only possesses the credentials and experience; she also has the time horizon to work with clients for many years to come. Kelly is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Specializing in retirement income planning, she works with clients to design investment portfolios to meet their individual needs. Whether you need a solid retirement plan or a thoughtful estate plan, she will put you – and your needs – first.

About Ian Rutherford, BA, BSc, FCSI, CIM

Ian has 37 years’ experience in the financial services industry. After university, and 16 years in banking, Ian has served as a Financial Advisor for the past 21 years. Ian has enjoyed working in his hometown of Penticton for the past 30 years. He successfully advises many longtime clients, creating and managing personalized portfolios. His strong market knowledge and client focus has developed many strong portfolios and lasting client relationships.

Our Approach

Our team integrates a comprehensive array of services into a focused, goal-driven plan. We offer a full range of services to address sophisticated and often complex wealth management needs.

We have extensive experience in addressing wealth management challenges. Some of our most often sought services include:

Investment Management – Our clients’ portfolios are managed by world leading institutional quality investment managers. Our sophisticated portfolio management strategies are designed to create wealth efficiently.

Retirement & Estate Planning – In today’s rapidly changing world, financial planning has never been more important. Working with a financial advisor to map a comprehensive, thoughtful strategy is essential to your future well-being.

Corporate & Institutional Funds Management – In a world of compressed margins, a lot of gains can be made by carefully looking after your companies or your corporation's deposit funds.

Registered Savings Plans – RRSP’s, RRIF’s, TFSA’s are the essential foundational plans.

Annuities & Insurance Solutions – With planning, this can become an asset class rather than an expense.

Regular Portfolio Reviews – Including rates of return, choice of tax-deductible fee-based or transactional management. You’ll always know how you are doing.

Quality Client Service – Our client service platform includes regular reviews and assessment of financial plans and your investment portfolio’s performance. How much would you like to hear from us? We can structure regular and meaningful contact on your schedule.

How We Are Paid

Your initial consultations and portfolio construction proposals are complimentary. Once we’ve established if there is a fit and we’ve decided to begin working together, we are flexible regarding compensation options. We are equally happy to work with either the traditional commission-based model or the newer fee-based model. Through the course of our initial meetings, planning and proposal, we will recommend the model that we believe will minimize your costs over time.

About Raymond James

We are part of the Raymond James Financial, Inc. family, oneof North America’s leading full-service investment dealers with an extensive presence across Canada (as Raymond James Ltd.) and the United States. When Raymond James was created in 1962, our founders introduced a fresh approach to personal investing. While other organizations were simply selling stocks or mutual funds, Raymond James focused on financial planning for the individual. This approach allows our Financial Advisors to offer personalized investment solutions- based on a full understanding of each client’s unique needs and goals.